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We help you achieve your goals through carefully selected appropriate wealth creation strategies that will place you firmly on the path to financial freedom.

We encourage you to take control of your own money. We never hold or have access to your money at any time, we simply help you avoid the most common mistakes people make and show you what to do to achieve real financial freedom.

Please note we practice what we teach everyday.

The Money Logic – Private Managed Account

Money Logic offers professional investment account management for sophisticated investors who are seeking to earn income and equity growth in their brokerage account. Steven Britnell is the Money Logic primary trade manager and places trades in the client accounts using equity index options as a strategic vehicle.

Money Logic uses proprietary trading tactics developed over many years of trading options in the U.S. major markets. These tactics consist of complex spread strategies designed to earn income from the value of options sold in conjunction with price appreciation of options purchased.

Most of the strategies used are short term in nature using options that have expiries of 5 to 70 days. The main markets traded are:

  • S&P 500 Index  (SPX)
  • Russell 2000 Index  (RUT)
  • Nasdaq Index  (NDX)

The management’s performance goal is 2%-5% yield per month on the client’s full capital balance. Performance for the 2016/2017 financial year came in at 41% return on capital after all fees were deducted. While past results are not indicative of future results, our strategies and tactics continually adapt to changing market conditions to produce the best results possible.

Any information supplied is treated with strict confidentiality.

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